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Frestie™ TheraKnee | Instant Pain Relief Device
Frestie™ TheraKnee | Instant Pain Relief Device
Frestie™ TheraKnee | Instant Pain Relief Device
Frestie™ TheraKnee | Instant Pain Relief Device
Frestie™ TheraKnee | Instant Pain Relief Device
Frestie™ TheraKnee | Instant Pain Relief Device
Frestie™ TheraKnee | Instant Pain Relief Device
Frestie™ TheraKnee | Instant Pain Relief Device
Frestie™ TheraKnee | Instant Pain Relief Device
Frestie™ TheraKnee | Instant Pain Relief Device
Frestie™ TheraKnee | Instant Pain Relief Device
Frestie™ TheraKnee | Instant Pain Relief Device

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Frestie™ TheraKnee | Instant Pain Relief Device

Instant relief for all kinds of knee pain in as fast as 10 minutes!

Naturally relieve knee pain

Safe & Easy to Use 

Your in home & on the go physical therapist 


Debra Madden

Verified Buyer

"Thanks to the Frestie™ TheraKnee my chronic knee pain and swelling is at an all time low. I use the TheraKnee at least once a week"

The Frestie™ TheraKnee is the most simple to use and natural solution to eliminate chronic knee pain & swelling.

Knee pain? Get instant relief without surgery, drugs, or injections.

Introducing the state of the art Frestie™ TheraKnee. 

Our cutting edge knee massager consists of scientificaly proven heat, vibration, & red light therapy. Our knee pain device relieves osteoarthritis, chronic knee pain, joint issues, & more. Its essentially a miracle cure that can provide instant releif & tackle most knee related issues. 
Time to get rid of the constant pain all day long that effects even the most simple things that life throws at us each and every day. 

I am sure you have tried several things like pain killers, expensive chirocpractor appointments, maybe exercises that are proven to allevie these issues. However after a few hours or days, the pain comes right back.

Use it for 10-15 minutes per day and get ready for the immediate and more importantly- longterm results.

Discover a more faster & effective way to relieve knee pain- without leaving your home.

The most affordable & health concious solution. Period. 

Wouldnt it be nice to be able walk up the stairs in peace? Not having to rely on the raiilngs with every step you take. Feeling that bone on bone friction can be beyong uncomfortable and scary.

Whether its caused by age, injury, or just constant stress on the knee, chronic knee pain can cause significant issues with day to day life activities. 

Our Frestie™ TheraKnee will get your knees feeling right and operating like they used to. Best part- without the harmful painkillers or costly surgerys & doctor visits. 

Allow our Frestie™ TheraKnee rejuvinate your knees while laying on the couch or reading a book outside. 

Truly Amazing!

This knee therapy massager has been a total game changer for me. I used to get the worst knee swelling all the time throughout the week. I use this for about 10 mintues per day and try to use it 5x a week or more. Its been fantastic. The pain is not what it used to be. Worth the purchase!

-Suzie A

Honestly, impressed!

I had my doubts about buying something like this online without being able to see and touch it. But, let me tell you its been amazing so far. I have had it for about a month now and I am about to buy another one for my wife who has osteoarthritis. Give it a shot- its aleved a lot of my discomfot. 

-Ray M

Dont be one of the 70 MILLION people that suffer from chronic knee pain & swelling each year. There is a solution.

The Difference is Clear

Choose The Frestie™ TheraKnee

The Other Guys

Infrared Laser Light Therapy

One Size Fits All

High Tech Touch Screen

Easy to Use

Lasting Results

Wireless & Rechargeable

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Back by Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We love our Frestie™ Bio-Belt and are beyond confident you will to!

Try our Frestie™ TheraKnee risk-free for up to 30 days and return them if you are not totally satisfied (terms & conditions apply).

Don't Just Take Our Word For It






As a teacher, standing for long hours has brought me a great deal of knee pain and I finally found what I’ve been looking for. After using it for awhile, I have noticed a significant improvement in my knee pain. It even came with extension straps so I can share it with my dad who has a bigger knee size and also suffers from knee problems. They even threw in some extra straps for later. Overall, great product.

Tammy S.

Verified Buyer



I’m 54, both my knees are shot & I’m constantly at the doctors/hospitals because of them. I’ve tried everything but with little success. This product finally did it for me. I'm able to perform all my daily activities with no issues at all. Well worth the price!

Joanne N.

Verified Buyer


"Love these."

I am surprised how great this knee massager works. I've had osteoarthritis for many years and it has been very painful. Upon turning on the infrared and heat mode, I immediately felt some relief and comfort. I don't know if it was because of the powerful heat and massage or because of the infrared light, but this thing really works!!! Can't recommend enough

Roger S.

Verified Buyer


"Great sofa"

This knee massager makes knee pain relief a whole lot easier to achieve. I do have a general and excellent massager with different massage heads and it is very good for various parts of the body. However, for knee pain, this does a great job. 

Chris W.

Verified Buyer


"These couch covers are awesome!"

Surprised with product quality! I was initially skeptical about the product as usually they are not so effective but this one surpassed my expectations. Easy to use, fitted well and have been making my knees feel a lot better every time. I am definitely buying one more for my mother. 10/10!

Gary D.

Verified Buyer


"These covers are fantastic"

I was able to stop using pain pills after 5 days of using it once a day. It made me a believer

Carol P.

Verified Buyer